To Make the Best Salt in the World

Salt that is naturally pink in color abounds, but edible pink salt that contains a wide array of elements and minerals beneficial to human health is not easy to find. Himalayan Salt, mined in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan, is therefore hailed as the “king of salt.” Saindak extracts pink salt crystals from the core veins of the Himalayan Mountains, 100% by hand to avoid contamination, and complies with the food production practices and management standards of Hong Kong. Due to its rarity in nature and considerable extraction difficulty from towering mountains, Himalayan Pink Salt was once exclusive to aristocratic families, but now appears on the dining tables of ordinary households.

To Enjoy Natural Pureness from the Himalayan Mountains

Himalayan Salt formed 600 meters down deep in the Himalayan Mountains, and is free from pollutants and the impact of human activities. Subsurface minerals combined with ocean crystals under the huge pressure of crustal movements over millions of years. Compared to ordinary table salt, Himalayan Pink Salt is considered a more balanced and healthier option.

 Unparalleled and Natural

Knowing the close connections between food and health, we insist on using the most traditional techniques to present the best products. Saindak takes part in the whole process from mining the salt from the core veins of the Himalayan Mountains, all the way through to food processing. We strive to present the best Himalayan Salt.

To Fulfill Social Responsibilities

Each bottle of salt embodies our commitment to fresh meals, pursuit of a happy, quality, and healthy lifestyle, care for the family, and protection of environmental resources. Each individual, we believe, can contribute to the quality of life for all. This unswerving faith has made our wheels of progress spin. We will continue to seek sustainable growth through quality products, without causing any further harm to the environment.